Social Media And Copy Protection

Coverage For Multimedia

The suite of copyright protection tools developed by Midbar Tech Ltd. can be deployed in widely varied areas. While the principal Cactus Shield technology is designed to protect audio content from copyright abuses, there are clearly many other types of content distributed on CD. According to an RIAA report, music piracy costs the US economy $12.5bn each year. This is in addition to an estimated $20.5bn a year lost to movie piracy (paywall).

Whether you're distributing proprietary software on optical media, or you're providing digital multimedia such as video, images and photographs, you need a pre-emptive solution to the pressing issue of piracy. This is where Midbar Tech's multimedia protection tools excel. We have helped many businesses protect valuable content from abuse, including large distributors of stock photography.

Privacy in the modern age is no longer just a corporate concern, however. Snooping has become an ever more pertinent threat in the social media age. Midbar Tech's first ever B2C release was designed for social media users looking to protect their content from prying eyes. As first exposed by social media blog Traffikd, it is often possible for snoopers to bypass even the most stringent privacy settings on popular social platforms. This includes the possibility of people viewing your private Instagram profile.

These new consumer-orientated tools build on expert consultation on privacy settings and the habits of teen users of social media. The core goal is to provide a comprehensive and simple solution to a complex problem. The software suite offers customizable protection of all major social platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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