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Midbar Tech Ltd.
( www.midbartech.com) designs and develops robust, flexible and renewable technological solutions that protect copyright material from unauthorized and/or unlawful usage by digital means. First to market with a multi-strength and multi-layer copy control product line, Midbar is working closely with record industry decision makers and CD manufacturers to champion the battle against illegal duplication and copyright infringement, costing the industry an annual $5 billion.

Midbar's proprietary and core technology, the Cactus Data Shield (CDS), provides the infrastructure to secure and control the mass distribution of copyright material on optical media. Other products include hardware and digital distribution copy control solutions.

Founded in 1998, Midbar is set to become synonymous for copy control solutions, and the Cactus Data Shield, the trusted music industry standard. Midbar's management and R&D teams are comprised of highly accomplished technology experts with a clear understanding of content security, cryptography and copy protection. Midbar is a privately owned company with offices in The Netherlands and Tel Aviv, Israel. It is primarily funded by major venture capital funds as Vertex, Technoplus, TDA and Jafco.

Credibility, Renewability, Flexibility and Playability

The Cactus Data Shield series is a comprehensive, long-term solution, which protects content on optical media from unauthorized digital replication and conversion to compressed files for on-line distribution.

This patented technology offers an unrivaled ready for market set of deliverables. CDS has industry test proven to deliver the highest level of copyright protection while enabling consumers to enjoy top quality audio. It is compatible with existing player technologies, flexible and able to meet the specific needs of any given music provider, and renewable for future generations of equipment and piracy challenges.

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